Archive Inspector (3.1)

You can access Archive Inspector using Desktop Online User Interface only.

The Archive Inspector is used to locate files in an archive. The respective access group user can launch and purge files found in the archive. As soon as the target file is located, it is treated as a regular UNIX and standard commands can be used to interact with it.


 It is not encouraged to alter or remove a file from the archive using UNIX commands. If altering is desired, make a copy of the file. If removal is desired, use the Archive Inspector.

To open the Archive Inspector, click the Manage button from the top menu bar, and select Archive Inspector from the list.

The Archive Inspector

Initially, the dialog is empty and must be populated with data using the corresponding Search Archive dialog. 


From the toolbar, different options are available depending if an entry is selected or not. The following options are available at all times. 



Displays the Search Archive dialog, you can use search criteria to limit the entries in the list.

RefreshRefreshes the list of shown items. 

Delete All

Deletes all shown items. 

Archive Inspector Main Window 

The following options are available when you select a given entry. 

Clear Selection(s)Clears the currently selected item(s) 
View Raw Data

Opens the Raw Data Viewer screen 

View MIM ValuesShows the associated MIM values.
DeleteDeletes the currently selected item(s) 

Item Properties

Each shown instance has a set of properties that are associated with it. 



Refers to the ID of the archived entry.


Name of the archiving workflow.


Name of the archiving agent.


The full pathname to the file as stored on disk.


The time when the entry was inserted in the archive.

MIM Values

When double-clicking a cell in the MIM Values column, a dialog is displayed where values for the adherent MIM resources are displayed. Adherent MIM resources are defined as Logged MIM Data in the Archiving agent configuration dialog. For further information, see the figure below, MIM Resources dialog.

MIM Resources dialog


Name of the profile used to archive the file.

Searching the Archive

The Search Archive dialog allows the user to limit the number of rows displayed in the Archive Inspector. Search conditions may be defined to display either all entries, a specific entry, or entries archived between two dates.

The dialog is displayed when Search is selected from the Edit menu.

The Search Archive dialog


Archive Profile

Select the profile that corresponds to the data of interest. If no profile is selected archive entries for all profiles will be shown.

AgentSelect an agent to search for specific entries.  


Select a workflow to search for specific entries.


Select the period used during the period.