Log Forwarding(3.0)

 will provide you with the capability to send   log files to an external log collector.  This section will cover the necessary properties required by you to configure, to allow you to forward the log files. All log files generated by   will be forwarded when this option is enabled, this includes System logs, Platform and EC logs.

 adheres to the JSON and RFC5424 specification. The log structure, fields and severity will follow the specification and  prerequisite knowledge on either of these will be required for using this function.

These properties are added to the platform.xml to allow for the forwarding of logs to your supported collector of choice.

PropertiesDescriptionDefault Value
mz.syslog.logging.enableThis property is used to enable or disable the logging.false
mz.syslog.protocolThis property defines the protocol to use, either UDP or TCP.UDP
mz.syslog.hostnameThis property defines the hostname or IP address of the target log collector.localhost
mz.syslog.portThis property defines the port of the target log collector.514
mz.syslog.layouttypeThis property defines the layout type based on the supported specifications. You can select either RFC5424 or JSON.RFC5424
mz.syslog.includestacktraceThis property is used to include a full stack trace in your log messages.false
mz.syslog.debuglogfile.enableThis property is used to generate a debug log file, useful when you need to determine any issues when configuring the log forwarding.false
mz.syslog.debuglogfile.filenameThis property defines the name of the debug log file.syslog-debug.log
mz.syslog.debuglogfile.filedirThis property defines the location of the debug log file./tmp/syslog
mz.syslog.debuglogfile.filenumThis property defines the number of debug log file to be generated.5