Amazon (3.0)

The Amazon Profile is a generic profile used for setting up Amazon S3 credentials and properties that can be used by various other profiles or agents. Currently the profile can be used with the File System Profile, with Notifications of SNS Topic type, and use with External References is also supported. 


When selecting Amazon S3 as file system, you will see two tabs; General and S3.


The External References button is specific for the Encryption profile configurations.


External References

Select this menu item to enable the use of External References in the Encryption profile configuration. This can be used to configure the following fields:

  • Access Key
  • Secret Key
  • Region
  • IAM Role
  • IAM Role Selection
  • Bucket
  • Advanced Properties


The IAM Role is currently not supported in the LA version.

General Tab

The following settings are available in the General tab in the File System profile (see screenshot above):



Access Key

Enter the access key for the user who owns the Amazon S3 account in this field.

Secret Key

Enter the secret key for the stated access key in this field.

RegionEnter the name of the Amazon S3 region in this field.
IAM Role Selection

Select how you want IAM role to be selected; Without roleRole from environment, Enter role name manually, Enter role ARN manually, or Inherit from AWS ECS.

Role from environment - If you select this option, run either:

export AWS_IAM_ROLE=<role name>


export AWS_IAM_ROLE=<role ARN>

in the  environment, and then restart the EC.

Enter role name manually - If you select this option, enter the name in the IAM Role field, and ensure to have 

"Action": "iam:GetRole",

defined in your AWS console.

Enter role ARN - If you select this option, enter the name in the IAM Role field.

Inherit from AWS ECS - If you select this option, no further actions are required.

S3 Tab

In the S3 tab, you can configure the S3 bucket and properties for the Amazon S3 client. 

BucketEnter the name of the Amazon S3 bucket in this field.
Advanced PropertiesConfigure what property to use. For information on how to configure the properties for Amazon S3 File System client, please refer to