Creating an EC Deployment(3.0)

The creation of an EC Deployment will take you through:

  • Setting up the resource configuration for an EC pod
  • Adding   specific EC properties or Java related properties for an EC pod
  • Configuring the criteria for scaling the EC pod
  • Adding Dynamic Real-Time workflows 
  • Adding Batch workflow groups to your EC Deployment
  • Creating services for your EC Deployment
  • Adding Annotations, Labels and Patches to your EC pod or services.

An EC Deployment will create:

  • At least 1 EC pod. This is subject to the Min Replicas value configured in Auto Scaling.
  • An EC Group with the same name as the EC Deployment.
  • Any Dynamic Workflows created in the EC Deployment, either from Real-Time workflow templates or from Workflow Groups.
  • Any services configured in the EC Deployment.


EC Deployments must be created in the same namespace as your Platform.

For detailed information regarding each of the steps, you can use these tabs to refer to the information you want: