GCP PubSub (3.0)

The GCP PubSub Profile is used for setting up the Google PubSub Subscription and Topic for a Google Cloud Project. This profile requires the GCP (3.0) to establish a connection with the GCP Service. Currently the profile can be used with the following agents:

  • GCP PubSub Subscriber agent


The contents of the menus in the menu bar may change depending on which configuration type that has been opened in the currently displayed tab. The  GCP PubSub Profile uses the standard menu items and buttons that are visible for all configurations.

The Edit menu is specific for the  GCP PubSub Profile configurations.


External References

Select this menu item to enable the use of External References in the GCP PubSub Profile configuration. This can be used to configure the following fields:

  • Project
  • Subscription
  • Topic


The following settings are available when you have selected Use Json File as the Input Option in the GCP Profile.

GCP PubSub Profile

Google GCP ProfileChoose the GCP Profile that contains the Service Account key that will authenticate the GCP PubSub Subscriber agent.
ProjectThe GCP Project namespace that contains the PubSub subscription and associated topic.
SubscriptionThe ID of the subscription. A subscription directs messages on a topic to subscribers. Messages can be pushed to subscribers immediately, or subscribers can pull messages as needed
TopicThe name of the PubSub topic that you want the Subscriber agent to retrieve messages from or pull from the Publisher agent. A topic forwards messages from publishers to subscribers.