Distributed Storage (3.0)

The Distributed Storage profile enables you to access a distributed storage solution from APL without having to provide details about its type or implementation.

The use of the Distributed Storage profile and profiles for specific distributed storage types, such as Redis, makes it easy to change the database setup with a minimum of impact on the configured business logic. This simplifies the process of creating flexible real-time solutions with high availability and performance.

APL provides functions to read, store and remove data in one or multiple distributed storage instances within the same workflow. It also provides functions for transaction management and bulk processing.For information about which APL functions that are applicable for the Distributed Storage profile, see the APL Reference Guide(3.0).

In the current version of , the Redis Profile and Couchbase Profile are available for use with the Distributed Storage Profile. For further information about this profile, see Redis (3.0) and Couchbase (3.0).

The Distributed Storage profile is loaded when you start a workflow that depends on it. Changes to the profile become effective when you restart the workflow.


The contents of the menus in the menu bar may change depending on which configuration type that has been opened in the currently displayed tab. The Distributed Storage profile uses the standard menu items and buttons that are visible for all configurations.

Storage TypeSelect a storage type from the drop-down list. Currently only Redis and Couchbase are available.
ProfileSelect the storage profile that you want to apply.