Workflow Group States (3.0)

When a workflow group is executed and stopped depends on its configuration as well as on events that occur while running. To understand how a workflow group operates, see the state diagram below and the detailed description of the different states that follows.

The Workflow Group state diagram




The default behavior is that a workflow group will not assume the Aborted state until all of its members are back to Idle When one member is in the Aborted state, the workflow will continue until all the other members in the workflow group have finished execution. Then the workflow group gets into an Aborted state.


You can change the default behavior for when a member aborts by using the Behavior when member abort settings in the Execution tab, see Execution in Workflow Group Configuration (3.0).

When you stop a workflow group, it will first assume the Stopping state and take care of all transactions. Only then will the workflow group state change to Idle


A workflow group that is in the Idle state and is being imported either by the mzcli systemimport r | sr | sir | wr command or by the System Importer configured to Hold Execution. The Workflow group enters the Hold state until the import activity is finished. Once the import is successful, the workflow group then resumes its Idle state.


The workflow group configuration is valid , and none of its members is currently being executed from within the workflow group.


There is an error in the workflow group configuration.


The workflow group cannot be executed in the Invalid state.


The workflow group is running, controlling the execution of its members according to the configuration settings.


A manual stop of the workflow group, or of the parent workflow group, makes the workflow group enter the Stopping state. The workflow group remains in the Stopping state while all the members are finishing their data transactions. Then the workflow group will go into either the Idle or the Aborted state.


Workflow groups that are in the Running state while configurations are being imported by the mzcli systemimport r | sr | sir | wr command, or by the System Importer configured to Hold Execution. In this state any scheduled members are prevented from being started. The workflow group remains in this state until the import activity is finished. Then, if the workflow members are still running, the real-time workflow group returns to the Running state. Batch workflow groups remain in the Suppressed state until their members complete their execution. Then, the workflow group state becomes Idle.


If the workflow group is in the Suppressed state, and you stop all the workflow group members, the workflow group will enter the Stopping state. If this happens while an import process is going on, the workflow group will move from the Stopping state to the Idle and then to the Hold.