Additional steps required due to removal of EC helm chart for - AWS(3.1)

Replace ECs with ECDs

If you are upgrading and currently have deprecated helm installed ECs running, you will need to remove these and replace them with ECD. 

If high availability is a priority, create the new ECDs and let them run the same workflows as the ECs before the upgrade.

Create ECDs to replace currently used ECs.

The instruction to create a new ECD is found here: EC Deployment Web Interface(3.0)

Move all the workflows used by the ECs to the ECDs

Enter each workflow from the desktop and change the Execution Context to the new ECDs.

To uninstall the ECs, do the following steps:

  1. Uninstall all ECs.

    $ helm delete <release_ec> -n <namespace>
  2. Verify that the ECs are removed.

    $ kubectl get pods -n <namespace>