Documentation Generator in Browser(3.1)

Compared to the Documentation Generator in the Desktop launcher, you cannot specify an output target path. The destination is populated with the name of the ZIP file that you create. The ZIP file is saved to your local file. See the instructions below.

To open the Documentation Generator, click the Tools button in the upper left part of the   Desktop window, and then select Documentation Generator from the menu.

Save File dialog in the Documentation Generator

  1. Click the Browse... button, and in the Save File dialog that appears, name the zip file that will contain the generated documentation and click Save. The Output Target field is automatically populated with the name of the ZIP file. 

  2. Click the Generate button. The ZIP file containing the generated HTML files is saved to your local file.  

For further information on Documentation Generation see Documentation Generator(3.0) in the Desktop Client User Interface (3.1), but note that the user documentation is written based on when you are using the Desktop Launcher.