UDR File Editor - Web Desktop(3.1)

Compared to the UDR File Editor in the Desktop launcher, you cannot select the destination directory to which you want to export the selected UDR. The CSV file that you create is saved to your local disk.

To open the UDR File Editor, click the Tools button in the upper left part of the  Desktop window, and then select UDR File Editor from the menu.

To export a UDR, select the UDR(s) that you want to export, and select Export from the toolbar or via the File menu. 

In the Save File dialog that is displayed, enter a name for the CSV file that you want to export and select Save

The CSV file is created and stored on your local disk.  

For further information on the UDR File Editor, see UDR File Editor(3.0) in Ultra Reference Guide but note that the chapter is written based on when you are using the Desktop launcher.