Best Practices for External Version Control

When upgrading the system the systemexport and systemimport commands should be used. It is important to understand that the vcexport / vcimport commands only handles configurations visible in the Configurations Browser pane.

For any other configurations, such as users, picos, etc, the systemexport/systemimport command is required for making complete exports and imports.

Upgrade Previous Version Controlled Export

When the system has been upgraded, it is recommended to upgrade the configurations stored in the Version Control System and check in the new versions to avoid users running into problems when importing old configurations.


The format of the schema files may change between versions, which may cause errors when trying to import exports made in previous versions. To avoid this kind of problem, an upgraded version of should be used for making new exports of all configurations when an upgrade has been performed.

Keep Track of Versions

Since configuration schema files may change between versions, it is recommended to somehow keep track of which exports belong to which version, by using tags/branches or similar in the Version Control System.