Operating System

can run on various Unix-like systems. It is recommended that the latest patch level is installed for the supported operating system. For further information about the supported environment, see System Requirements

File System Permissions

At installation a Unix user must be created, usually mzadmin. This user will execute the installation and later on run the  instance. The mzadmin user must have read/write permissions for the directory MZ_HOME.


Read/write permissions should be restricted to the mzadmin user. Ensure that no other users have read/write permissions for MZ_HOME.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are set in MZ_HOME/bin/mzsh after installation.


This environment variable specifies where the JDK is installed.

Example value: /opt/jdk/jdk-17.0.2


This environment variable specifies the container name.

Example value: container1


This  environment variable specifies the container type. It is typically not changed.

Example value: platform


 This property specifies a URL, which contains the IP address or hostname of the Platform Container and the Web Interface port.

When you have entered a hostname and failover occurs, the hostname is retrieved from the DNS enabling reconnection. If you have entered a static IP address as the value of this property reconnection issues may occur if the IP address changes.

The port must be unique for each system.

Example value: http://localhost:9000


This is the directory where the Platform Container or Execution Container container is installed.

Example value: /opt/mz/container1