Event Notifications Configuration

A notifier is a selected target, receiving event data when one or several selected event types are generated in the system. In addition, filters may be applied for each selected event type. Notifiers are configured in the Event Notification Editor.

To create a new Event Notification configuration, click the New Configuration button in the upper left part of the Desktop window, and then select Event Notification from the menu.

An Event Notification configuration

The configuration contains the standard configuration buttons as described in Common Configuration Buttons and two additional button:


To Enable External References in an agent profile field. Refer to the section Enabling External References in an Agent Profile Field in External Reference Profile for further information.


If you update the properties file used by the External References file, and resave the External References profile, you will also have to resave the Event Notification configuration for the changes to take effect.

To define an Event Category, to send any kind of information to a Column. Refer to Event Category for further information.

The Event Notification configuration contains two different tabs:

  • Notifier Setup - A Notifier is the target where event messages, configured in the Event Setup, are sent. For instance, to a database table, a log file or to the System Log. The overall appearance of the message string is also defined in this tab.
  • Event Setup - In the Event Setup tab, events to catch are defined. If necessary, the message string defined in the Notifier Setup is also modified.

This section contains the following subsections: