Appendix C - Couchbase

This appendix contains Couchbase specific information. Couchbase may be used as storage for Aggregation, Distributed Storage, and PCC. 


Refer to /wiki/spaces/3PP/pages/1671475 for supported Couchbase versions.

In order for to communicate with the Couchbase database, the couchbase.mzp package must be included in your installation.

Download Couchbase Enterprise edition from and install according to the Couchbase documentation:

Required Couchbase services are:

  • Data
  • Index
  • Query

Refer to for the information about these services. 


 For the optimal Couchbase Server operations, you must set swappiness to 0 (zero) as described in the topic about swap space.

You can now proceed with either creating data buckets in the Couchbase cluster by using the Couchbase profile in either in combination with Distributed Storage, or with PCC. Couchbase data buckets can be created either directly in the Couchbase Web Console, or by using Couchbase profiles. See the Desktop User's Guide for further information about how to create buckets with Couchbase profiles.