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Note that some of the features described in this documentation might not have been purchased by your company and will therefore not be available in your environment.

empowers organizations to liberate the value hidden in their usage information via a unique approach to managing data that supports multiple mission-critical aspects of their business. The system is designed in such a way that customers benefit from fewer integration points and flexible data management. 

also bridges components residing in any type of network architecture, providing comprehensive functionality that ensures systems can communicate with each other as effectively as possible. Information is created based on raw data distributed across any number of network elements and systems. Data streams are optimized and enriched, translating into reduced costs for hardware, software licenses and maintenance while providing new opportunities to differentiate and personalize services.

The system is designed for online and offline processing on one platform. File-based collection and processing are configured with the same graphical workflow technology that is used to create bidirectional real-time communication streams.

Design and change are achieved through configuration rather than hard coding. An intuitive and powerful drag-and-drop management user interface covers all aspects of workflow life-cycle management.

Once configured, workflows are automatically deployed on designated servers that are part of an installation and executed in accordance with defined scheduling criteria. High availability capabilities ensure that workflows are executed at all times. 

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