Support Service Descriptions


This document describes the Support Services provided by DigitalRoute in association to the on-premise deployment and operation of its software technology.

Support Services

The Support Services includes:

  • Remote support for problem determination, analysis and resolution
  • Access to Service Packs and/or workarounds to solve Errors and malfunctions in the Software
  • Access to Knowledge Database
  • Access to minor and major releases, the following table shows the contents of Support Services;
Support Service ItemDescription
Troubleshooting for product or platform incidents and problemsProvide expert competence to analyse reported incidents and identify the cause of faults.
Root Cause Analysis for incidents and problemsAnalyse, isolate and report the main cause of an incident. The report shall identify system faults of indicate potential cause of fault resulting from interfacing systems.
Solution recommendations for incidents and problemsFollowing the discovery of the Root Cause Analysis, provide recommendations for fault correction and prevention best suited.
Support SLA reporting The provision of expertise for trouble shooting and incident resolution is agreed in SLA. The service includes the periodic reporting of its SLA performance for the benefit of the Customer.
Workaround solutions for incidents and problemsIncident handling prioritizes the minimization of impact to Customer operations. As such the Service shall provide a workaround when possible to minimize impacts due to under performance of the product.
Permanent solutions for incidents and problemsService shall continue with incident resolution beyond the immediate workaround to ensure  that a stable and lasting solution is put in place if such a solution is possible to realize.
Test support for incidents and problemsSolutions to an incident are thoroughly tested and validated inline with DigitalRoute’s design practices before their activation.

DigitalRoute shall provide the Support Services, in all material respects, in accordance with the Support Service Descriptions and the Agreement. However, and for the avoidance of doubt, DigitalRoute’s disclaims all implied warranties as to the result of the Support Services, including that the Support Services will be fit for a particular purpose or achieve a certain result. DigitalRoute shall have no liability for any failure in this respect except where such failure is due to willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Hours of Coverage

The Standard Support Service is provided between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays (SGT UTC+8, CET UTC+1, CST UTC-6).

The Enhanced Support Service is provided 24x7x365.

Support Channels

The Support Services are provided from DigitalRoute’s premises via:

  • Support Web, for registration and tracking of trouble reports,
  • Helpdesk, for remote assistance via telephone, or
  • Remote connection.

Support Software Versions 

DigitalRoute’s Software lifecycle policy and conditions for maintaining the relevant Software version to eligible for Support Services or its extensions are described in the “Product Lifecycle Plan” available upon request.

Support Extensions 

DigitalRoute can upon request consider the provision to provide support extensions subject to case by case consideration. The following Support Extensions are available. Their applicability is subject to the active SW version of the Customer in conjunction with DigitalRoute’s “Product Lifecycle Plan” available upon request.

Extended Support

Extended Support is  applicable when the Software version in production has passed its published End of Support (EoS) date. The support level shall be applicable according to the standard SLA terms and conditions. The Extended Support excludes any issues with third party products or those that require an upgrade to a later release of Software from the SLA commitment.

Life Extender

Life Extender is applicable when a Software version in production has passed beyond its period for Extended Support.The support level shall be according to reasonable commercial efforts in which DigitalRoute does not make any commitments on the SLA terms and conditions.

The table below provides a summary of coverage under the different support setups;