Parquet Profile(3.0)

To support the Parquet Encoder and Decoder, create a new Parquet Profile that will be used and shared by Workflow agents.

The Parquet Profile allows you to specify a parquet schema as well as parquet encoding options. The Parquet Profile is loaded when you start a workflow that depends on it. Changes to the profile become effective when you restart the workflow.


To create a new Parquet profile configuration, click the New Configuration button in the upper left part of the  Desktop window, and then select Parquet Profile from the menu. The contents of the menus in the menu bar may change depending on which configuration type that is opened. The Parquet profile uses the standard menu items and buttons that are visible for all configurations, and these are described in Menus and Buttons.

The menu in the Parquet profile configuration contains two tabs: Schema and Advanced

The Parquet profile's Schema tab is empty when opening a new profile.

This section contains the following subsections: