By combining the features described above and in specific the ECD and Workflow Package concepts, solutions built with Usage Engine on Kubernetes are well prepared to be integrated in a fully automated CI/CD pipeline. It is straight forward to take a solution packaged as a workflow package and build an image out of it. This image can then be deployed and managed as an ECD deployed in your Usage Engine Kubernetes cluster, i.e., turning it into a micro service. 

This process fits well into an automated CI/CD process using tools like GitLab or Jenkins. By using a service mesh like Istio, the CD part of the pipeline can also be turned into a fully automated canary deployment process that gives you safe upgrades with no data loss. 

Usage Engine provides example templates on how to build a micro service and use it with Jenkins and Istio to achieve a canary upgrade CI/CD pipeline. The CI/CD framework is described in more detail later in the document. 

Usage Engine Architecture