Cold Backups(3.0)

To support taking hot backups (i.e. backing up while processing is active) of data residing on the file system, the file system used must support "snapshotting" to avoid data inconsistency. If the file system does not support snapshotting, the backup must be taken as a "cold backup", which means that writes and updates to the data are suspended while the backup is taken.

To enable cold backups to be configured, Global variable macro (Development) on Kubernetes supports scheduled suspension of all ECDs. To enable this simply add these two parameters to the Helm values.yaml file:

suspend.from - Use cron syntax to control when ECDs should be suspended.
suspend.until - Use cron syntax to control when ECDs should be activated again.

For example:

suspend: from: "0 3 * * *" until: "5 3 * * *"

This configuration will suspend all ECDs from execution for 5 minutes at 3 AM every night.