Exit Codes(3.0)

 Below are the defined exit codes listed.

Exit Code
0Run completed.
50<Prints the help command>No parameters to the command.
51<varying, error description>Error parsing the parameters.
60Timed out.Workflow/group did not completed/aborted within the defined timeout.
70No matching workflow.Workflow/group not found. If wfgroupstart is used the message will be: No matching group found.
71Only one workflow is allowed to be started when option -w is used.Workflow is replaced with workflowgroup if wfgroupstart is used. [-w] is replaced with [-b] in case it is used instead.
80<varying, depending on why it didn't start>Reason why the workflow/group did not start.
90Unexpected error: <error message + stack trace>Unexpected error, abort command.
101Platform shutdown, group aborted.
110Unknown status of run.Command has been out of contact with platform and lacks information about how the run completed.
230Already active (ignoring request).
231Permission denied.
232No such configuration.
240Configuration is invalid.