Users Tab(3.0)

In , the default user, mzadmin, will always have full permissions for any activity.

It is recommended that the password for mzadmin is changed and kept in a safe place. Instead personal accounts should be created and used for handling the system in order to track changes.

To Add a User:

  1. Open the Users tab.

  2. Select the File menu and then Add.

  3. Fill in the details according to the description below. 


Enable User

Check to enable the user's predefined access rights


Enter the name of the user. Valid characters are: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, '-' and '_'.


A username must be unique. This also applies if you use an external authentication method, e g LDAP.

Full Name

Enter a descriptive name of the user.


Enter the user's e-mail address. This address will be automatically applied to applications from which e-mails may be sent.


Enter a password for the user account.


The password is required when executing certain mzsh commands, so you should take into consideration the special characters used by bash and  we do not recommend the use of these characters as part of your password. These characters are $, \, /, |, *, &, space and any other special characters used by bash. For a better understanding of the characters not recommended to be included in your password, refer to

Verify Password

Re-enter the password.

SuccessorA successor must be defined in the case you want to remove a user that has ownership of configuration objects.


Enter a comma delimited list of all the access groups that the user is a member of.


If enabled, the user is registered as a member of the specific group.


If enabled, this group is set as default group for the user. By default, this group will have read, write and execute permissions for new configurations created by the user.