PostgreSQL Database Creation - Private Cloud(3.0)

The creation of the database must be made by the postgres UNIX user, or another UNIX user with the same privileges, on the machine where PostgreSQL is installed or on a machine with network connection to PostgreSQL. The postgres UNIX user is assumed in this installation.

  1. Configure the PostgreSQL database to allow a remote client connection to the database. The working directory is $PGDATA

    Edit the pg_hba.conf file to match the settings in install.xml. See Appendix A - PostgreSQL HBA Settings(3.0) for an example.

    When the files has been configured, PostgreSQL database needs to be restarted.

  2. Create the PostgreSQL database instance. The working directory is postgres.

    $ source ./ <PostgreSQL Admin username, default is postgres>

    If no error occurred, the database creation will now be completed and the rest of this section can be ignored.


    When the instance creation script has been executed, there is a log file in the /tmp directory that can be used for trouble shooting. The mz_db.log file contains PostgreSQL responses from the database creation 


  3. If the script fails: 

    Cleanup the system before the next try:
    • Start PSQL:
      $ psql
    • Remove the Database and Users:
      postgres=# DROP DATABASE mz;
      postgres=# DROP USER mzowner;
      postgres=# DROP USER mzadmin;

      postgres=# \q