Extract Database Definition Files for PostgreSQL(3.0)

When PostgreSQL and  are not installed on the same machine (the database may be installed on any machine within the network), the database definition files need to be transferred to the PostgreSQL machine before the database can be created.

  1. On the PostgreSQL machine (as postgres UNIX user): transfer the database-setup.tar file from the  machine and extract the files:

    $ mkdir -p postgresql
    $ tar -xvf ./database-setup.tar -C postgresql

  2. Set the permissions for the extracted files:

    $ chmod -R 755 ./postgresql
  3. Make sure hostname to PostgresSQL server is correct in scrippostgre_create_instance.sh and is working from the machine creating the database. The hostname the script will use as default is the one written in the values.yaml. If it need to be changed, edit the file postgre_create_instance.sh and change the variable mzdbhost= to hostname to the PostgreSQL.