Generation of PostgreSQL Database Definition Files(3.0)

When  is deployed and admin user is left blank the platform-0 pod will not get to running state.

Verify database setup scripts is exported.

#verify pods
NAME                               READY   STATUS                   RESTARTS   AGE
ec-5dd845bf5c-srk74                1/1     Running                  0          153m
mz-operator-controller-manager-0   2/2     Running                  0          154m
mzonline-7ff989968b-9hd2b          1/1     Running                  0          154m
platform-0                         0/1     Init:CrashLoopBackOff    9          22m
wd-947dbf759-r64pw                 1/1     Running                  0          154
#Check logs from platform init container
$ kubectl logs platform-0 -c init
MZ db not initilized and Admin user for DB is not set.
=========== PREPARING DB SCRIPTS ===========
Copy the file database-setup.tar from persistance storage directory backup to the database server and follow the instructions
=========== DB SCRIPTS PREPARED ===========

The database-setup.tar is located on NFS persistence storage directory backup, copy it and follow next subsection, Extract Database Definition Files for PostgreSQL(3.0).