Error Codes(3.0)

With the Error Codes option, errors can be specified in Data Veracity and associated with the erroneous UDRs and Batch files. Error Codes could be used as an option when configuring the Data Veracity Collection Agent as it is used as an identifier for the workflow to collect certain UDRs with the corresponding Error Codes.

There are two predefined Error Codes within the system, AGGR_UNMATCHED_UDR and DUPLICATE_UDR, which are automatically set by the Aggregation and Duplicate UDR Detection agents when the corresponding error condition is detected. All other Error Codes are defined by the user.

To create an Error Code, click on the New button. This will display the Data Veracity Create Error Code dialog. This is where assignments of new Error Codes are made.

Error Code

The Error Code that will be attached to UDRs or batches. This is shared between Data Veracity and ECS.


A description of the error code.

A user may send optional information to Data Veracity from an Analysis or an Aggregation agent, as long as an Error Code has been defined. To this Error Code, any information may be appended using APL. See the example below.


An Error Case can be appended using APL code.

udrAddError( input, "CALL ID ERROR",  
     "The callId: " 
     + input.callId 
     + ", Calling number: " 
     + input.anum

In this example the "CALL ID ERROR" is defined in the Data Veracity Error Code dialog, found in the Error Code Web UI


To clear the errors for a UDR the udrClearErrors function should be used.