Data Veracity Web Interface(3.0)

The Data Veracity web interface allows the user to inspect and maintain erroneous UDRs and batch files located in Data Veracity. Operators can view and remove Error Codes, Filters, Repair Rules as well as Approve or Reject UDRs that have been marked for deletion and edit their content. You can now also mask sensitive fields in the UDRs received by Data Veracity.

Apart from simply sending a UDR or batch file to Data Veracity, a workflow can be configured to associate user-defined information with the Data Veracity data. For the UDRs this is Error Code and MIM information. For cancelled batches, the Error UDR and Cancel Message may contain user defined information.


Take special precaution when updating the Ultra formats. It is not possible to collect data from Data Veracity if the corresponding UDR has been renamed. If the format definition has changed, you can still collect the data.

Changes to the formats are handled as follows:

  • Added or renamed fields will be assigned default values.
  • Removed fields will be ignored.
  • Fields that have changed data types will be assigned default values.


Approve Delete and Data Masking Fields will only be accessible by users with Admin rights.

The section contains the following subsections: