Aggregation Inspector(3.0)

The Aggregation Inspector enables viewing  of stored aggregation sessions. The data is displayed in a table where each row represents a session, with the session data ordered in columns. You will be able to view and delete these sessions.

Upon accessing the Aggregation Inspector, you will be presented with a list of valid aggregation profiles that have been defined by you in the  Desktop. Selecting one of these profiles will bring you to a table that contains the sessions stored that are related to the selected profile, this could be across multiple workflows that utilize the same aggregation profile.

From this table, you will be able to Filter the session based on the time by clicking on the Filter button. You can also choose the fields in the session UDR to be displayed in the table by clicking on the Display Fields button. You can also click on Details to open up a Json formatted view of the UDR itself.

Removing Sessions

To delete one or many sessions, you will select the sessions that you wish to remove and click the Delete button at the top of the table. If you want to delete all the entries at once without selecting them, you can also click the Delete All records icon.