This section describes the SQL agents that are available for  . These agents are:

For batch workflows

  • SQL collection agent
  • SQL forwarding agent
  • SQL Loader agent

For real-time workflows

  • SQL real-time forwarding agent

For task workflows

  • SQL Task agent


 supports a number of different database types. Supported Database type and versions can be referenced from Database(3.0). The only exception to the rule will be the SQL Loader agent, which will be supporting a certain number of databases only. You will also be required to configure a database profile before configuring your SQL agents for your solution. In this user guide, it is assumed that you will know the specifics of the SQL syntax needed to retrieve the information from the database.

You should also be familiar with:

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • UDR structure and contents

This section includes the following subsections: