The KafkaResponseUDR holds data to be sent to the kafka log, a DRUDR, an error message and a counter for UDRs not yet persisted. The KafkaResponseUDR generates an acknowledgment message for every persisted UDR to an external system.

The following fields are included in the KafkaResponseUDR:

cycleUDR (DRUDR)

This field is for any information that you want to receive when getting the acknowledgment back.

data (bytearray)

Producer: This field holds data to be passed to the Kafka log by the Kafka Forwarding Agent (producer).

Collector: This field is populated with the data read from the Kafka log.

errorMessage (string)

This field provides a message with information on the error which has occurred. This is a read-only field.

key (bytearray)

This field can be used for setting a key for messages sent to the broker.

offset (long)This is a read only field. This field is populated by the Kafka Collection agent and contains the offset in the Kafka log from where the message was consumed
outstandingRequestCnt (int)

This field is a counter for UDRs that are not yet persisted. This is a read-only field. If you require to reduce the maximum number of outstanding requests held in the buffer, you can decrease the value for the property buffer.memory in the Kafka profile configuration dialog, in the Producer tab in the Advanced tab.

partition (short)

Producer: This field holds the partition to which the Kafka Forwarding agent (producer) writes the message. If this field is not populated, the partition is chosen randomly.

Collector: This field holds the partition from which the message was consumed by the Kafka Collection agent (consumer).