Data Veracity Maintenance System Task(3.0)

The Data Veracity Maintenance system task removes outdated Data Veracity data, provided that the state is REPROCESSED or DELETE_APPROVED

The number of days to keep data is set in the DataVeracity_Maintenance configuration dialog. It is also possible to fully turn off the cleanup of Reprocessed, Delete_Approved or all of the UDRs and batch files.

When the Data Veracity Maintenance System Task is executed, the following event will happen:

  • UDRs and batch files will be removed from the various Data Veracity tables according to the configurations in the Cleanup tab. See Cleanup Tab in Data Veracity Maintenance System Task Configuration(3.0) for further information.

    If the number of days after which data should be removed has been configured to 0 (zero) days, data will be removed every time the DataVeracity_Maintenance System Task is executed, with a minimum time interval of one hour.

The section contains the following subsection: