SNMP Profile Advanced Tab(3.0)

The following fields are available in the SNMP Profile Advanced tab.


Max PDU Size

The maximum size of request PDUs that this target is able to receive.

The response PDU has to fit in a single UDP packet. The maximum limit is 65535 bytes.

Non Repeaters

Number of variables in the variable list for which a simple GETNEXT operation has to be done. 

Max Repeaters

Number of continuous GETNEXT operations.

Max Variables Per PDUThe maximum number of variable bindings per request.

Max Columns Per PDU

Maximum number of columns to retrieve per SNMP GETNEXT or GETBULK request.

Max Rows Per PDUMaximum number of rows to retrieve per SNMP GETBULK request.
Send Table Requests in Separate PDUsBy default all column OIDs from a single table are now sent in one GETBULK request in accordance with the Max Variables Per PDU. Use this if All column OIDs from a single table are to be sent in separate GETBULK requests.