Managing ECDs Access Permission (3.0)

Manage ECD Access

There are two types of permission allow to be granted to the user in order to have different level of EC Deployment access privilege. To configure user access group permission please refer to Access Controller(3.0).

ECD Core

If no ECD Core permission is granted, the user will not be able to access the EC Deployment page on the Web Interface.

With ECD Core, you will be able to perform all ECD operations except to Create, Update and Delete JVM Arguments or Patches.

ECD Extended

ECD Extended provides additional permissions to Create, Update and Delete JVM Arguments or Patches.

Prior to enabling ECD Extended, you MUST enable ECD Core in order to have the base permission. If you enabled only the ECD Extended permission, it will not work.

Upgrading from Usage Engine 2.1 or earlier

The ECD permissions are only available since Usage Engine 2.2.

If you are upgrading from the older version such as 2.1, after upgrade is done you should configure the ECD permission for the user.

By default, non system generated user will NOT be auto populated with ECD permission after upgrade.

If you have the Web Interface page opened during upgrade, please refresh the page after upgrade in order to fetch the new permission data.