Creating a User Account(3.0)

To create a new user, click on the New User button. This will display the Configure the user settings dialog where you will enter the details in User Settings and Manage Password, and then preview the permissions in Group Privilege for the user.

User Settings


Configure the user settings - User Settings 


Enter the sign-in name to access .

This field is mandatory and accepts only alphanumeric, "-" and "_"


A username must be unique. This also applies if you use an external authentication method, eg. LDAP.

Full name

Enter a descriptive name of the user.  

This field is mandatory and accepts any characters.


Enter the user's e-mail address.

This address will be automatically applied to applications where e-mails may be sent from. 

This field is mandatory and only accepts valid email format, eg.

Member group

Assign the user as a member in an Access Group. A user is allowed to be in multiple Member Groups.


The MZK8sOperator access group cannot be selected as it is only applicable to k8s system user.

Default group

Assign the user to a default Access Group. By selecting a default group will display the same group in the Member Group.

This field is mandatory. 

Valid period

Select the validity period for the user account. By default it is set to "Forever". 

If you select "Custom", enter the Start date and an End date. A Start date cannot be less than the current date.

This field is mandatory.

You must complete all details before you can proceed to click Next to the next step to Manage Password .

Manage Password 


Configure the user settings - Manage Password 


Enter a password for the user account. 

This field is mandatory.  


If Enhanced User Security is turned on in the platform system properties, the password must meet all the password policies configured in the system. 

For more information about the Enhanced User Security feature, please refer Access Controller.

Verify password

Re-enter the password. The value entered must be the same as the above password.

This field is mandatory.

You must complete all details before you can proceed to click Next to the next step to preview the assigned permission for the user in Group Privilege. 

Group Privilege

If you have assigned the user multiple Access Groups, the table will display all privileges for all assigned Access Groups.


Configure the user settings - Group Privilege 

Once you have confirmed the permissions to be correct, click the Create button to create this user account. You will be able to view all created user accounts in the dashboard as well as in the Access Controller in   desktop.