System Log Web Interface(3.0)

The System Log web interface will provide you with a comprehensive view of the  System Log to browse or to purge.

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System Log web interface with the Basic tab view.

The System Log web interface has a Basic and an Advanced tab where the Basic tab allows you to view logs based on severity and the period in which the events or errors occurred.

The Advanced tab allows you to modify your search criteria so you can view logs specific to your conditions. Remove log entries from the system log by clicking the button.

Click a log entry to expand it to display detailed information. The following fields are displayed in the details of a log entry:

Creation DateThe date when the message was generated.

Last Occurred

The date when this message last occurred.

OriginIndicates from where in the system the message originates.

Pico Name

The name of the pico from where the message originates. This field only appears when the log entry is generated by the System.

Workflow Name

The name of the workflow from which the message originates. This field only appears when the log entry originates from a Workflow.


The message. Note that selecting an entry from the list displays its full contents.

Stack Trace

The full stack trace of the error message, if any.

Advanced Tab

Search criteria options available from the Advanced tab of the System Log web interface.



Types of log severity, Info, Warning, Error, or Fatal. At least one type must be enabled.


From which area of the system the log entry originates, User, System, or Workflow. At least one must be enabled.

Workflow NameContains options to filter out a specific workflow name. If not selected, all workflows match.

If selected, all activities performed by the selected user match. If cleared, all user activities match.


This only applies to events invoked by users, such as inserting, updating, or deleting data in the system. Thus, it does not apply to workflow ownership and can therefore not be used to filter out a specific user's workflows.

Date Range

Define a range of dates to display entries within the period. A few predefined options are available. If no date range is defined, all entries are displayed. The default date range is set to Today.

Workflow Group

Contains options to filter out a specific workflow group. Upon selection, the search includes log messages of the selected workflow group.

Agent Name

Contains options to filter out a specific agent name. If left empty, all agents match.


The System Log displays log messages based on from where in the system they originate: User, System, or Workflow. To have the System Log present agent-related messages you need to configure an agent event from the Event Notification Configuration. For information on how to configure an agent event, refer to Event Notifications(3.0).

Filter Message

Use this field to search for occurrences of specific messages. Use all lower case letters in the text field to perform a case insensitive search. If upper case letters are used anywhere in the text field the search will be case sensitive

Exporting the System Log

You can export the System Log based on the results of the search criteria set in the Basic or the Advanced tab. You can export the results in JSON or CSV format.

The Delimiter option is only enabled when you have selected CSV as export file format.

Click on the button to launch the Export System Log Data window.

Export System Log Data window


You may be prompted with a pop up that requires you to sign in with your   user login after clicking the Download button.