Repair Rules(3.0)

Repair rules are utilized by Data Veracity as a way for storing any repair conditions and business logic used in updating erroneous UDR fields with new values. The repair job is executed from the Data Veracity Search UI from a successful Query Result. For information about executing a repair job or creating a repair rule, you may refer to Search(3.0).

Unsupported Data Type for Search

Searching, filtering, repairing and masking of UDRs with list and map data types are currently not supported by Data Veracity.

The Repair Rules web interface is where repair rules could be viewed or deleted. It is accessed by selecting on the Repair Rules option in the Data Veracity web interface Dashboard.


Existing repair rules can not be renamed. Existing rules cannot be edited via the Repair Rules web interface. Users will need to use the Search web interface to update and save existing rules.

Deleting a Repair Rule

Repair rules can only be deleted from the Repair Rules web interface. Deleting a repair rule here will remove it completely from Data Veracity.

To delete a repair rule, you can select one or many rules at once and then click on the Delete button.

You will be prompted with a message asking if you would want to delete the selected rules. If you click OK, the selected rules will be deleted.