Documentation Generator(3.0)

Using the Documentation Generator, you can create documentation for the configurations that you have created.

To Generate Automated Documentation

To open the Documentation Generator, click the Tools button in the upper left part of the  Desktop window, and then select Documentation Generator from the menu.

The Documentation Generator

To generate documentation on the configurations in the system, you must select the Output Target directory in which you want to generate the documentation. To select a directory, click the Browse... button, select the target directory, and click the Save button. Click the Generate button. You can then open the generated HTML file (index.html) in your web browser from the selected target directory.

Documentation displayed in web browser

Content of Automated Documentation

The documentation generated includes up-to-date information on the saved configurations. The sections included vary according to the type of configuration documented and how it is used. The possible sections included are the following:



WorkflowAn image of the configuration. This section is only included for workflow configurations.
GlobalsThe variables and constants that are declared globally. This section is only included for APL Code configurations.
FunctionsThe APL functions. This section is only included for APL Code configurations.

The content provided by the user in the configuration profile, using the Documentation dialog. For example, you can provide a description and the purpose of the configuration in the dialog.

For further information on how to populate this section, see the section, Documentation, in Desktop User Interface (3.0).

UsesA list of all the configurations that the configuration uses, for example, APL code or Ultra format.
Used ByA list of all the configurations that use the configuration.
AccessA list of the users who have access to the configuration.