Using External Reference in Agent Profile Fields(3.0)

This section describes how to enable use of External Reference profiles in an agent profile configuration. 

To enable External References: 

  1. Open an agent's profile configuration.

  2. Select External References from the  Edit menu to open the External References dialog.


    Enable External Reference

    Select this check box to enable external referencing of the agent profile fields.

    Clear to disable external referencing of any agent profile field.


    Click Browse and select the agent profile you want to apply.


    Select this check box to select the agent profile fields that you want to enable with External Referencing.

    Field Name

    The names of the agent profile fields

    External Reference Key

    The value


  3. Select the Enable External Reference check box, and click Browse to select your External Reference profile.

  4. In  the table, select the external reference keys to use by selecting Enable and the External Reference Key field.

  5. Click OK. You have now enabled external references for the selected profile field(s).


You can use External Reference profiles with the following agent profiles:

  • Aggregation

  • Archiving

  • Couchbase
  • Database
  • Duplicate UDR

  • Elasticsearch
  • Inter Workflow

  • Redis
  • Workflow Bridge

For further information see the relevant agent user's guide.