Duplicate Batch (3.0)

The Duplicate Batch profile is loaded when you start a workflow that depends on it. Changes to the profile become effective when you restart the workflow.


If the Detection Method is modified after a Duplicate Batch Detection agent has been executed, the already stored information will not match any records processed with the new profile version.

The contents of the menus in the menu bar may change depending on which configuration type that has been opened.

The Duplicate Batch profile configuration contains the following settings:



Max Cache Age (Days)

Enter the number of days you want to keep the batch information in the database.


Select this check box to create a checksum from the batch file data. You use the checksum when comparing it with other batch files checksum while searching for duplicate batch files.

Use Byte Count

Select this check box to compare a number with the number of bytes in the batch file.

Use MIM Value

Select this check box to use a MIM value for duplicate detection.

A MIM name defined in the Named MIMs table is compared with a MIM Resource that can be connected both with batches and workflows.


When you use MIM values as a detection method, both empty and non-empty batches will be evaluated. The duplicate batch detection will also be performed regardless of the data on the incoming routes, as well as if there is no data on the incoming routes. This is not the case for the other detection methods.

Named MIMs

Use the Add button to create a list of user defined MIM names.

When the Duplicate Batch Detection agent is configured, each MIM name is assigned to one MIM Resource that detection will be applied for.

Within the same workflow configuration the profiles configured to Use MIM Value must map to the same MIM names.