Creating a Workflow Group(3.0)

You create a workflow group by adding a workflow, or a workflow group, as a member to the group.

To create a workflow group:

  1. In the Available to Add pane, select a workflow or a workflow group.


    An invalid workflow member will not affect the validity of the workflow group.

  2.   Either right-click the selected item and select Add as Member or click the upper Add button.

    The member is added in the Group Members list.


    Batch, task and system task workflow members can be combined in a workflow group, but real-time workflow members can only be combined with other real-time workflow members. However, for real-time workflows, we recommend that only one workflow is included in each workflow group, unless you have selected the Continuous Workflow Execution check box in the Execution tab, which will allow you to have multiple real-time workflows in the same group. 

    Workflow, workflow template or workflow group from workflow package can be added as member of the workflow group as well. 


  3. Click the Save As button and give the new workflow group a name.