Excel Agents UDR Types(3.0)


The ExcelCellUDR type is used to indicate the type of data the cells in a received Excel file contains. 


ExcelCellUDR fields of Date type can be formatted to a certain date and time format by setting the ec.excel.dateformat property in within the Execution Context. See EC Properties for more information about the property.

type (string)

This field the type of data contained in a cell.

value (any) 
This field contains the actual data value in the cell.


The ExcelSheetUDR contains a map over all the data in the indicated Excel tab to be processed.

data (map<int,map<string,ExcelCellUDR>>)This field contains a map over all the included ExcelCellUDRs.
name (string)

This field contains the name of the tab in the Excel file.


The ExcelUDR contains a list over all the ExcelSheetUDRs to be processed.

ExcelSheetUDR (list<ExcelSheetUDR>)This field contains a list of the ExcelSheetUDRs to be processed.