SAP HANA Database Creation(3.0)

The creation of the database must be made by the SAP HANA UNIX user, on the machine where SAP HANA is installed. The SAP HANA UNIX user is assumed to be used for the installation steps below.

  1. Create the SAP HANA database instance. The working directory is saphana.

    $ ./ [<SAP HANA admin user>] [<SAP HANA admin password>]

    If no error occurs, the database creation will now be completed and the rest of this section can be ignored.


    When the instance creation script has been executed, there is a log file in the /tmp directory that can be used for trouble shooting. The mz.log file contains SAP HANA responses from the database creation. 
  2. If the script fails, clean up the system before the next try:

    • Stop DB (Needed to drop it):

      hdbsql -i 90 -d SystemDB -u SYSTEM -p QAmzadm1n "ALTER SYSTEM STOP DATABASE MZ"
    • Drop DB:

      hdbsql -i 90 -d SystemDB -u SYSTEM -p QAmzadm1n "DROP DATABASE MZ"

If there is a need to change any installation parameter defined in the file values.yaml, the Platform installation must be done again to get updated SAP HANA Database Definition files.


The SAP HANA audit policy will only work for the user ‘SYSTEM’ due to the parameter ‘FOR SYSTEM’. In case you want to use a different user, please change ‘SYSTEM’ to the desired username. For further information, please refer to Auditing Activity in SAP HANA.