Accessibility Options (3.1)


Usage Engine provides accessibility options for you, making interaction easier and more accommodating for all users. The modern user interface features several important options that cater to users that require assistance when viewing and interacting with the system. 

Screen Reader Support

The Desktop Online User Interface supports screen readers across all elements of the user interface. This allows you to use standard and custom software packages that read out the displayed dialogs, text, and other interactive elements. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are enabled across the important interactive sections of the Desktop, including the Configuration screen. Click the Keyboard shortcuts button () in the top left corner of the Desktop. This calls a dialog that displays the available shortcuts: 

Enable active mode / Focus element options / Execute optionEnter
Disable active mode / Clear selection and focus graph editorEsc
Select next elementTab
Select previous elementShift + Tab
Remove agents and routesDelete or Backspace
Select next agent
Select previous agent
Select next route
Select previous route
Move agent upShift +
Move agent downShift +
Move agent leftShift +
Move agent rightShift +

Themes Support

There is support for themes that can be changed freely.  You can choose which one suits your eyes best from the User Settings menu. In addition a high contrast mode can also be toggled on for improved reading