User Settings (3.1)

Click the User icon on the top right side of the Desktop Online User Interface to open the User Settings menu.

User Settings Menu

The User menu contains the following options:




Click the Profile option to open the User profile dialog.

The following settings are available: 



UsernameDisplays your username.
NameDisplays your full name as registered in the system.
EmailDisplays your email address as registered in the system.
Enable High Contrast ModeYou can enable the High Contrast mode to make texts across the system easier to read in case of visual impairment problems.
ThemeYou can select between Light or Dark theme, or use the System one. 

Click on the About option to display information about your installation.

Installed packages

Click the Installed packages option to display information about all the installed packages in the system. The same information can be obtained by using the the mzsh plist command.

Change password

Click the Change password option to change your password. 

Enter your Current password, enter a New passwordand then reenter the new password in the Confirm password field. Click Submit to apply.

Log out

Click this option to log out of the Desktop Online User Interface.