Desktop Online User Interface (3.1)

Using Desktop Online User Interface, you can create workflows. A workflow is a set of agents that are connected and represent a flow of data processing.

The Desktop Online User Interface enables interaction with Usage Engine deployments.

http://<cluster ip>:9001/desktop/

After a successful login, the following start page displays

Desktop Online User Interface Start Page

The Dashboard shows the splash screen. From here you can access the main sections:

  • The top menu panel lists the main options available to the users, subdivided into the Build View (3.1) and Manage View (3.1) screens.
  • Clicking on the   logotype takes you back to the start page.

On the top right, there is the User Settings List. You can access the dropdown menu by clicking on the icon. 

Top Menu Bar

The Desktop Online User interface has a top menu bar consisting of the following options:

Screen Selection

The Screen Selection is located at the top left in Desktop Online User Interface. You can select to open the Build screen or the Manage screen and  icon takes you back to the start screen. Each selection is displayed in a full-screen view. 

Screen Selection List


The User menu is located on the top right in the Desktop Online User Interface and contains various options for your account or deployment. See User Settings (3.1) for more information.

User icon

Accessibility Support

Across all views, there is screen reader support that enables Accessibility access. In addition, the overall display theme can be selected for easier viewing. For more information, see Accessibility Options (3.1)

The Desktop Online User Interface is redesigned to be easily accessible using web browsers. This all-new experience has many advantages over the Desktop Client as it is more intuitive to use. However, not all functionality from the Desktop Client is available yet, for some advanced features and functionality you still have to use Desktop Client. For more information, see the Desktop Client User Interface (3.1)

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