Get Helm Charts - AWS (3.1)

The preparations described below are required to upgrade Usage Engine using Helm charts and Docker images. Read through the steps below to be prepared for the upgrade.

Fetching Helm Chart

You will be provided to download the Helm chart with the instructions below:

  • Helm chart: usage-engine-private-edition for platform

When you are required to enter the <chart version>, refer to /wiki/spaces/DRXXE/pages/6194875 for the Helm Chart version required

Helm repo url has been changed from the version 2.2.0. You need to follow the below procedure to pull the charts from 2.2.0 onwards.

$ helm repo delete usage-engine-private-edition
$ helm repo add usage-engine-private-edition
  1. Verify that the helm repository is configured and update it if needed.

    $ helm repo list --namespace <namespace>
    $ helm repo update
  2. Check if the charts are available:

    $ helm search repo -l usage-engine-private-edition/usage-engine-private-edition --version <chart version>
    $ helm search repo -l usage-engine-private-edition/usage-engine-private-edition --version 2.x.x
    #The output:
    			NAME                        					CHART VERSION                   APP VERSION DESCRIPTION                    
    usage-engine-private-edition/usage-engine-private-edition    	2.x.x    		The Usage Engine Private Edition helm chart                  
  3. Create a directory dedicated for the upgrade and download the Helm chart.

    $ mkdir <your directory>
    $ cd <your directory>
    $ helm fetch usage-engine-private-edition/usage-engine-private-edition --version <chart version> --untar