Handling of License Keys - Private Cloud (3.1)

Procedures for Handling the License Keys

Store the License Key in a separate file. This is needed for the helm upgrade and installation commands.

$ cat path/to/licenseKey_file <Licence key>


$ cat path/to/licenseKey_file
H4sIAN4hPV8AA6WXW08bPRCG7/srotyibpoAASqoVMIhkZKglgZIbyKv7d01sdf+fMjp13cMNOS7QeMUiZvNPB6PPfPO+FwKymvHGzVR/KJ59fPq+qH57VMD/s6pFZ5bQRrEeyvy4 ...

Examples of how to use a new License Key file for installation or upgrade with the usage-engine-private-edition helm charts

Using --set-file is the preferred method to specifying the License Key 
--set-file licenseKey=path/to/licenseKey_file

$helm upgrade <RELEASE_NAME> usage-engine-private-edition —install --set-file licenseKey=<path/to/licenseKey_file> -namespace <namespace>


If no License Key is referenced, Usage Engine will not operate!