Some agents in a workflow need information from the workflow itself or other agents in order to perform their task. E.g. an agent that produces a file might need the source file name and the number of processed UDRs to be used in the outgoing filename. In order to satisfy these requirements, uses a model called Meta Information Model (MIM).

MIM is based on the fact that the individual agents supply information during run-time that other agents can use for any purpose. The MIM information is used in various parts of e.g. when selecting what variables to use in a filename and when selecting what data that should identify UDRs delivered to ECS, and so on. Additionally, it is possible to create and set values for a user-defined MIM using APL.

The MIM information can be viewed over JMX (Java Management Extensions).

The following figure displays an example of a MIM tree GUI which is available within selected agents, either as part of the specific tab (such as Filename Template in forwarding agents) or as an assist pop-up window for APL scripting within Analysis and Aggregation Agents.

Example of a MIM tree structure