Merge Files Collection Transaction Behavior and Input/Output Data

Transaction Behavior



Begin Batch

Emitted right before the first file in a Merged File group batch.

End Batch

Emitted when the last file of a sub directory has been processed or when a Merge Closing Condition is reached.



Cancel Batch

In case a cancelBatch is generated, all files in that merged set will be canceled as one batch. Depending on the workflow configuration, the batch (consisting of several input files) will either be stored in ECS or the workflow will abort and the files belonging to the batch will be left untouched.

Hint End Batch

If a Hint End Batch message is received, the collector splits the batch after the current file has been processed.

After a batch split, the collector emits an End Batch message, followed by a Begin Batch message (provided that there is data in the subsequent block).

Input/Output Data

The agent produces CollectedFileUDR types.