Data Hub User's Guide

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Data Hub provides the ability to store and query large amounts of data processed by the system.

Typical usage of Data Hub includes:

  • Data tracing
  • Temporary archiving
  • Analytics
  • Integration with external systems
  • Staging data for further processing 

Data Hub requires access to Cloudera Impala, which provides high-performance, low-latency SQL queries on data stored in an Hadoop filesystem (HDFS). 

The Data Hub Forwarding Agent bulk loads data in CSV files to HDFS and then inserts it into a Parquet table in the Impala database specified by a Data Hub Profile. The table data is then available for query via Data Hub Query.

In a production environment, it is recommended that the size of the collected files ranges between 1 to 100 MB. Though it is possible to collect and process small batches the overhead of handling a large number of files will have significant impact on performance.

You may remove old data from the Impala database with the Data Hub task agent.


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