HTTP/2 Client Agent

The HTTP/2 Client agent allows you to configure an HTTP client in a real-time workflow. The agent sends requests by converting the UDRs to HTTP 2 requests, and then receives the responses which are then routed into the workflow. 

The agent can be used for both HTTP/1 and HTTP/2.

To be able to use the HTTP/2 Client agent, this processing agent must be preceded by an Analysis agent in the workflow that you create. The APL code must include a RequestCycle object as shown in the example APL code below. In the APL code, you must ensure that is set to true and that req.httpVersion is set to http2.

consume {
    http.RequestCycle req = udrCreate(http.RequestCycle); = "myserver";
    req.port = "8181"; = true;
    req.httpVersion = "http2";
    req.path = "/nf-instance";
    req.method = "GET";
    debug("sending request"+req);


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